The Cleanline system is based around a series of steel frames located within extruded aluminium rails, each finished in a durable powdercoat.
This creates a highly flexible system with a degree of adjustability for the installer.

Multiple designs of leg frame are compatible, including the standard ‘H’ frame, ‘C’ frames or cantilever ‘T’ frames. Each frame is fabricated from box section steel and fitted with an adjustable foot for levelling. The channel rails into which these locate are a proprietary extruded profile, available in single lengths up to 4000mm. The frames can be located freely along the length of the section during the installation (subject to free span limits), affording the fitter flexibility to overcome complex or unforeseen site conditions. Channels can be joint to facilitate indefinite extendsion of benching runs far beyond the 4000mm length.

This system is rated to a maximum of 150kg, evenly distributed per linear metre. Where this system cannot be wall fixed, a second “panel” / “lower” rail and rigidity panels will be included to ensure suitable stiffness. Removable rear panels can be fitted to conceal the service void left to the rear, with worktops directly fixed into the aluminium rails.

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