The Pedestal system utilises storage units with plinths for benching support, available in a wide array of designs, mounted on adjustable levelling feet with worktops directly fixed above. The cabinets are constructed from 18mm melamine faced MDF, with a 2mm impact-resistant trim, machined and assembled in house using state-of-the-art CNC equipment. For more information on this please refer to the relevant cabinetry sections in our Technical Brochure (Pedestal and Materials & Construction).

Parametric designs enable most cabinet designs to be freely sized, within reason, to suit the installation. The resulting system is extremely rigid, and has a high load capacity, whilst efficiently utilising the available space. Pedestal benching can be combined with steel based systems to provide a mix of fixed storage and open underbench space to facilitate mobile cabinets or long working areas for seated users. For more information on our cabinetry offerings including Pedestal units, see the cabinetry section on page 20 of the Technical Brochure or contact us.